Men go to war and women send them.

It is so obvious to see during these times of transition all have to show their true colors.

So many women feel betrayed, abandoned, abused, and neglected by men. They label any man appearing in their lives as a representative and associate of manhood being the cause of their pain and suffering.

They use this man, any man, to keep punishing and bring in their revenge and rancor. The keep throwing in mental abusive punching and torture until the man snaps to find confirmation for the damaged, suppressive, fearfull situation they find themselves into.

Now look at yourselves ladies, truly! If more anger, hurt and frustration arises in you, you confirm and establish exactly what is described above.

Breathe in and breathe out because men, vice versa do exactly the same.

As if all are in a dark room hiding in corners and throw rocks and stones at each other, as soon some one speaks out and wants to get into the light and leave the strongholds of keeping each other imprisoned and hostage to negative emotions and feelings.

‘They’ could create a society especially for these people in pain, separation and despair.

Exactly!!@ this society is already there. Too late you got caught and are already in it.

Now it is time to step out into the light and wake up out of this bad nightmare of self destruction and self mutilation.

We are here to help you and show there is a way out by going in and look at yourselves first.

PM for self help, peace and recovery. The world is ready for you and the world is ready to let go of you sitting in your dark corners.

Don’t pretend as if this is not happening on a large scale and to many of us. The majority of people live in absolute fear of not knowing what is going on, because of the controlled and suppressive society they wake up in.

Contemporary social structures of Western Civilization have been enforced to exactly preserve and encourage this behavior. Politics, science, finance, religion have been complicit.

There is no exclusivity, every one can transcend their own repetitive compulsive thought patterns.

This does not mean it is going to stay like this. Even civilizations end.

Bless you.

You deserve to be free.